Sunday, January 22, 2006

Well I Did Ask...

I dressed Jed in his 'hunting clothes' this morning which are his overalls. (My only guess as to why they are his hunting clothes is that his father wears a pair of camo overalls when he hunts.)

This evening he was walking around putting small toys in is pockets. At one point it looked like he missed his pockets and placed something inside his overalls. A short while later he had his hands inside the bib part as if something was bothering him.

"Hey Jed, what do you have in there?"

He looks straight at me and says "T a l l e y w h a c k e r" *

It turns out that side of his diaper had busted and it was starting to fall down. And as you can see, my husband won the battle of naming it...

(*Spaces added to keep the strange referrers to a minimum.)