Sunday, January 15, 2006

Switched at Birth...'s the only explanation.

My son does not like chocolate. As a matter of fact, he considers it "Icky".

Yesterday he comes running into the bedroom with a birthday card and a bag of Dove milk chocolate Promises. My stepdaughter followed with her card and a bag of Dove dark chocolates (my family knows me well). So after reading all the birthday cards, I opened the milk chocolates and gave one to each of the kids. Jed put his in his mouth, left there for about 2 seconds and the promptly spit it out, declaring that it was "Icky".

He also helped me make a chocolate cake last night. When it had finally cooled enough to ice and eat, he took one bite and spit it out, once again stating that it was "Icky". How could I have given birth to a child that does not like chocolate?

I can only think of two explanations. Either he was switched at the hospital and he is not my biological child or while I was pregnant, my body absorbed every chocolate-loving molecule out of him. Either way, this might work out to my benefit. I don't have to share my chocolate with him. And he probably won't mind me dipping into his Halloween stash, at least the chocolate things. I'll even buy a bag of Skittles (which are icky to me) to pay him for any Halloween chocolate I eat.

But I have to say I just don't understand how a person CANNOT like chocolate!