Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where Has This Week Gone?

I can't believe it is already Thursday. Where has the week gone?

Every night this week has been a late night. Tuesday night I taught my evening course. Yesterday was a doctor's appointment and a 2 hour ACT prep tutoring session that lasted until 8:00, so we didn't get home until almost 9:00. Tonight is another 2 hour prep session but unlike last evening I will have Jed with me. We will probably end up at a fast food place that has an indoor play area. I can knit while he plays. What makes this week all that more hectic is the Birthday Party on Saturday.

My boy turn 4 on Saturday. We are having his party the same place as we did last year, a small playground behind a local elementary school. They have two covered areas with picnic tables. It is a perfect setup. Entertainment is provided for the kids in swings, jungle gyms and slides. I'll send someone out to pick up 4 or 5 pizzas. We'll then have cake (blue of course).

The party theme is rather bizarre this year. Last year we did dinosaurs. Blue cupcakes with a plastic dino on top of each one, dinosaur noses for each child, dino plates and goody bags.

This year we have Transformer invitations, goody bags and plates but he has requested a fish cake. More specifically a Blue cake with a rainbow trout on it. Lord help me and I thought I was getting off easy with avoiding creating a Transformer on the cake. Now I have to figure out how to do a fish that resembles a rainbow trout.

I'm sure by now you have noticed the repetition of blue cake. For some reason Jed believes that all birthday cakes must be blue. Not just the icing but the cake too. Every time I bake a cake he is always disappointed that it isn't blue. So for his birthday it will be blue cake. (By the way the blue cupcakes were quite creepy last year as I'm sure the blue cake this year will be, but if that is what the birthday boy wants, I can oblige.)

So here it is Thursday and I feel that I am not the least bit prepared for this party (at least I don't have to clean house). Time is running out to get everything done. I've bought the goody bag stuff. I'm still contemplating on a pinata however knowing my son I fear that he will freak out when someone tries to break the fish or transformer pinata so I may just skip this for this birthday.

And to top it all off, I haven't decided what we are getting him yet. He has really only requested two things. First he has asked for is a Rocket Fishing Rod (the boy is OBSESSED with fishing) which is grandfather is getting him. The second item is a Game Boy Advance. His three cousins each have one and he has wanted one for quite awhile. However I'm not sure how adept he will be at playing it. And it is a bit too expensive to let it just sit there (although I am a game junkie so I'm sure I could put it to use). I've been looking around at a few games that might be appropriate for him such as Dora and Candyland (yes Candyland and Chutes and Ladders on a Game Boy).

So between now and Saturday, not only do I need to decide on the Game Boy or perhaps yet another Transformer (I'm finally getting adept at "trans-n-forming" them) but I also have to find a small window of time without small children so that I can purchase whatever I finally decide upon.

And another peek at what I finished over the weekend. Still need to work on photographing these things and color correction a bit more.