Friday, August 31, 2007

My Latest Addiction...

...and no it is not a new Starbucks drink (although both the CDL and the PSL are now both vying for my attention).

No, my latest addiction is compliments of Jen who is part of the community. I've can't stop myself from checking the new listings on Etsy every now and then. Well, its more like every spare minute I find, I hop over to the Time Machine 2 page and hit refresh. You just never know what wonderful treasure or inspiration you might find.

I've already found two items that will be perfect Christmas gifts for the teen (one of which may be given early).

And the irony of it all is that before rediscovering Etsy, (I had bought some stuff around Christmas last year) I have had an idea wandering around my head for some little items I might like to make and sell. Because the initial investment is so minimal, I'm working on pulling a few items together and hope to post them in the next couple of weeks. If I enjoy doing it, then I will continue. If not, then I will not be out much. Especially seeing as I like to create. I like to make things just for the sake of making it. If I could sell it too, all that much better.

So this weekend will be spent gathering a few more supplies, creating and photographing some things. Well, this will be spaced in and around cleaning all of the upstairs carpets (thank you my dear cats for the stains and such).

Here is a little glimpse of what I'm working on...