Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And the Boy is Four...

We had a great time Saturday. He got is Rocket Fishing Rod (which was a HUGE hit with all the kids), a GameBoy, various Transformers, board games and a fish cake.

I was rather proud of the fish cake. And the avocado colored (not flavored) icing was tasty.

Now I never expected great changes at four however I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. We are only 4 days into 4 years old but I'm loving it. (Hopefully I haven't spoken too soon, hold on a sec while I find some wood to knock on.)

You see morning drop offs at school have been marginally rough. It used to be really bad when he was super clingy and at least once every two weeks one of us would be in tears when I left. Over the last few months it has gotten better. It was still taking me 15-20 minutes to extricate myself out of the classroom but at least it was minus the tears.

However Monday all of this changed. On a whim I asked if he was ready to be dropped off at the door like the big kids, after all he is four you know. He actually agreed. Since he never has shoes on in the car, we pulled into a parking spot in front of the school. He climbed up front and we put his shoes on and listened to one more song on the radio. Then after I got my hug and kiss I drove up to the front door. And off he went with nary a look back. And unbelievably he was willing to be dropped off again today.

I do have to admit on Monday as I drove away, there may have been a tear or two in my eye....