Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Gold Star for Jed...

...but none for me.

Jed's dental appointment went far better than I ever expected. Doc decided to go with no gas and no Novocaine since the cavity was so small. Jed did very well through the drilling however as they were prepping for the filling, he started to close his mouth and somehow got his cheek pinched. He started, as he would say, freak out, just a bit and it was started to go downhill from there. However, Doc quickly put the filling in just as the tears were beginning the fall and we were done.

He calmed down rather quickly when he received his a new toothbrush and another thing of floss. He was so excited because the toothbrush was blue and he had just finished up his other box of floss (the one he received at his cleaning two weeks earlier). We then went to check out the Treasure Chest however the contents were very dismal. A set of Disney princess chalk, Eeyore chalk, a couple bottles of bubbles, a couple of candy necklaces (to keep the business coming in???) and a ton of cheap plastic kazoos and mini frisbees. He finally settled on some blueberry scented bubbles (blue of course) along with the promise a new Transformer.

As we were leaving the office, Jed asked if we could stay there for awhile and play with the toys. I took this as a good sign that he would not be scarred for life about dental visits. So while I called my mom to let her know how brave he was, I let him play in the waiting room for a short bit.

Now comes the bad mom part and where I lose my gold star. We were back home and it was after a lunch of applesauce and milk he asked if he could have a piece of gum. I was definitely NOT THINKING when I said sure. Two bites down and he was in tears because it hurt. Bad, bad mom. But it gets worse...oh, yes it does. Later that afternoon, after a nap he asked for another piece of gum and I thought about it for a minute, really I did. But apparently my thinking was too not clear or too in depth. Oh his jaw is probably not sore anymore from the drilling and filling insertion. Never did it cross my mind that the gum might be tugging on the new filling nor did I remember my previous visits when they advised me to avoid all things chewy and sticky for awhile (with trying to calm Jed down, they neglected to tell me to avoid these things.) Rinse and repeat the earlier scene but with much more crying. Stupid, stupid me...

Wel,l the bright side of it all, we caught the cavity very early and he isn't afraid of the dentist although he might now be afraid of chewing gum. Hey, it just might be a win-win situation!

Note for Kim: Seems like my Blogroll has all of sudden decide to work. Not only work, but it appears to be working better than every before. It is now detecting sites with new material that it never worked with before such as Typepad I believe.