Friday, February 09, 2007

Recovering from Vacation...

Last week I had the pleasure of leaving family and work behind to go a quilting seminar for a week with my mom. It has been 3 years since I last attended and it was wonderful to return. I don't have much quilting completed or even started from the seminar (although I've picked Jed's baby quilt back up to do the rest of the hand quilting. I need to get this thing finished while it will still cover his little toes.) But I do have 2 little beaded knit bags completed. Yes, rebel that I am, spent the week knitting at a quilting seminar. But to my defense, I purchased the knitting supplies (including the 0000 sized needles) at their quilt shop. Pictures will be forthcoming as soon as I get around to taking them.

And this week I've spent scrambling to get caught up at work, made only more difficult with sick kids and doctor's appointments midweek.

Why is it that you always feel like you need a vacation AFTER a vacation?

Therefore, the only plans I have for the weekend are: (1) get Jed's hair cut, (2) catch up on the last 4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy (along with a few other random shows) (3) clean the house enough to make a path through the dining room and (4) get a crafty fix (knitting and/or quilting come to mind).