Monday, February 12, 2007

Well Rested...

I did not manage to accomplish everything on my list from Friday. Jed's hair is even longer than it was on Friday. The dining room is still piled up. Grey's Anatomy is still unwatched.

But I did manage to quilt two fish fins on Jed's quilt and made a decision on how to quilt the rest of the fish. I am almost done with the first page of a cross stitch pattern I received for Christmas. It is done 28 stitches to the inch and the pattern overs 15 pages. Here is approximately what I have finished (not a real photo of my work).

I also managed not the leave the house the entire weekend, not even to get the mail (which I am now just realizing I never got the mail on Saturday.) I stayed in my pajamas all day Saturday but decided enough was enough and finally got dressed on Sunday. And I was asleep Saturday night by 9:30 pm. A few dishes were washed and a couple easy meals made but overall it was a very low key and refreshing weekend.

Which I needed, because now I need to tackle the taxes. *shudder*