Friday, January 12, 2007

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop....

or the sky to fall, or the world to end....

Things are going to well around here. I know that something bad is around the corner. And its going to be a doozy. And it scares me. Here is what I've been dealing with this past week...

  • The teen is being agreeable, doing what she is supposed to be doing, behaving and not driving me too crazy.
  • My fuel pump went out on Monday. A bad thing you would think. While getting estimates on the price for a new fuel pump I found a link about Nissan recalls. My fuel pump was recalled. Called the dealership and the next day I had my car back with a new fuel pump and it cost me $0.00.
  • Not only did Nissan fix my pump, they washed and vacuumed my car for me. Okay they did spray some horrible orangeish scent in there but that is quickly dissipating.
  • While my car was down and out, I borrowed my mom's car. A Lexus. Last night as we were on the "valley road" (a narrow curvy rural road that leads to my house) a new red Mustang came flying around the corner. He layed on the horn and the brakes, I hit the brakes. I swear the cars stopped with less than 2 inches between them. 2 inches!!!!!!
  • I won a $25 gift certificate through Blingo while searching for some information about substance addiction.
  • The family member with the addiction problems signed up for outpatient rehab yesterday.
  • On Saturday, Jed woke and and decided he was a big boy who had no need for pull-ups anymore. Just big boy underwear. He went to my mom's on Monday with NO accidents. Tuesday was one accident in the evening at mom's house. Wednesday was a horrible icky accident in the afternoon due to not pooping for two days. Thursday was one minor accident at at school. At home, he is jumping up in the middle of play yelling "Gotta potty". And although there have been a few damp pairs of underwear, he is still able to get to the potty before anything major.
  • And last night was the final sign that he is there! Not only did I here "Come on Mama, let's run to the potty" a couple of times last night. When he first got in the bathtub he told me he needed to get out to potty and then went again when he got out. But last night, while I was cooking dinner he disappeared from the living room. I asked my husband to go look for him and a few minutes later Jed comes running up to me to tell me he had pooped in the potty. (Earlier we suspected he need to go so I told him he could have a Popsicle BEFORE dinner if he managed to go although after the big event he forgot about his Popsicle until after dinner)

One one hand, I am almost afraid to go anywhere over the weekend although I have a birthday dinner tonight and a birthday lunch tomorrow and a birthday on Sunday. On the other hand, perhaps I should run out quickly and buy a handful of lottery tickets.