Thursday, September 21, 2006

Distracted by New and Shiny...

My little posting area on Blogger has the starting dregs of a few entries saved however before I ever get around to finishing them I would get distracted by someone else's new and shiny new posting. So yeah, I'm blaming my laziness on those listed on the right. (I made a point of not reading a single new post today until I finish this. Oh the agony.)

So anyway, last week my house was overcome by the creeping grunge. My allergies went haywire and I lost my voice for 2 or 3 days. Talk about frustrating. Every time I tried to tell anyone something, they kept asking me to repeat it. Finally I gave up trying to talk to anyone.

Jed, too had the creeping grunge, however his was in the form of a spreading rash which started on his bottom and spread a little down his leg. After conferring with my sister, WebMD and the CDC webpages, we finally diagnosed it as Hand, Foot and Mouth (not to be confused the Hoof and Mouth disease.)

I called the doctor's office on Monday to see how long I should keep him out of school since I was 99% sure what he had. They insisted I bring him anyway. The doc came in and in 10 seconds confirmed I was right. Well there goes a copay (good thing our family doctor is so easy on the eyes...) Had I looked in Jed's lunchbox from Friday I would have found the exposure note informing us that a classmate had Hand, Foot and Mouth and could have saved a copay.

Thankfully he only ended up with a few Polka-dots on his hands and feet. The rash on his bottom disappeared quickly. His cousin and one of is classmates had more of the bumps in their mouth which made it very uncomfortable to eat.

We were all mostly healthy by Saturday which is when we did Jed's birthday party at a local park. Made blue cupcakes (both cake and icing blue as requested) with little toy dinosaurs atop each one. The kids also each got a dinosaur nose to wear. Since my (expensive) camera was stolen a few months ago (remind me to tell you the story of my stupidity on that one) I put my sister in charge of the pictures. I need go get them from her as there is one of Jed, with dinosaur nose, stopping to smell the flowers in the park.

Now I have to get ready for tomorrow and the weekend of a pitiful and pathetic teen. She is getting all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Not only is she likely to be miserable from the surgery, she is also missing out on A BIG PARTY. It's going to be a great weekend!