Thursday, October 05, 2006

15 Years Later...

A few months ago I received an email from a long lost friend. She was looking to reunite a bunch of our sorority sisters for a weekend retreat. Very quickly emails started bouncing around as a handful of us began catching up. It was crazy to think I hadn't talked to some, well most of these women in 15 years.

We picked a weekend when UT played an away game (traffic and crowds get crazy during home game weekends) and rented a lovely cabin in Gatlinburg which was perched atop a most unlovely driveway (picture a very STEEP and moss/leaf covered driveway at a funky angle from the road.)

As people arrived, we quickly fell into very comfortable conversations. Catching up on kids, families, jobs, gossip, tv (especially Grey's Anatomy). We stayed up until 2 am Friday night talking which was extremely late for many (me not included since I'm such a night owl). We all slept in which was a decadent indulgence for all. No kids waking up early, crying, fighting, demanding, needing... All weekend there were no tvs, the wine and beer flowed freely although very responsibly (unlike our college days), there was a great abundance of outlet shopping, wonderful food, many laughs, a few tears, and revival of memories (some of which are best left forgotten). Three people were unable to make it this time. We promise we didn't talk about you....much. *

It was wonderful to catch up with all of these wonderful women. It was amazing to see how so much as changed yet so much was still the same. It was as if we left off mid-sentence 15 years ago and just picked right back up with hardly a thought.

So girls, let's not wait another 15 years to pick up where we left off. And the three who couldn't make it better be there next time!

*Seriously we missed you very much and hope that you all will be able to attend next time!