Friday, September 08, 2006



Today is Jed's 3rd birthday. He woke up this morning in a great mood. On our way to school, we stopped by the grocery store so he could pick out what he wanted to take to school for snack (kids rotate through snack duty and the teachers try to align birthday's with snack day.)

He had his heart set on bananas and strawberries. (The teachers probably hate me right now since I was not so organized to have bought the fruit last night so that I could bring it to school already sliced.) And to drink, he chose a tasty bottle of watermelon Juicy Juice.

Before I left he walked around the sun 3 times (a candle on a stool in the middle of the room) while holding a small globe. Then his classmates sang Happy Birthday to him (which he allowed...more on that in a minute) and then took turns giving him birthday hugs before returning to their "work".

Somehow I was able to leave without fussing, tears, tantrums or screams. I had to go back into the school to put his cement truck in his locker for Show and Teach (I guess Show and Tell is a little too bossy) and peeked into his classroom. He was busy placing banana halves into each snack bowl.

Earlier in the morning, Shelby tried to sing Happy Birthday to him and he was adamant that she stop. "No Bee, you are supposed to sing that at my party later." Uh oh. Being the procrastinator that I am, I had waited to the last minute to figure out what to do about a party. I finally settled on recreating last year's party at the local elementary school park (which has 2 gazebos and picnic tables). I'm inviting the cousins and 3 or 4 kids from school. Let them all play on the playground perhaps buy bubbles and waterguns or sidewalk chalk. Throw some cupcakes and ice cream cups at them and call it a pray. However I've scheduled it for NEXT weekend.

After Jed mentioned "his party" for the third time this morning I knew I was in trouble. I called my sister and asked her and her 3 kids to meet us at McDonald's for dinner. I'll stop for a dozen cupcakes and we'll call it a party. He has 3 presents to open there. A small Hot Wheels set, a hunting jacket from his dad and a gallon fish tank. After our impromptu party, I figure we will run over to the pet store for him to pick out a small frog (I've been researching on the internet to make sure I know how to care for one of these creatures.) I hope the excitement of the frog will make him forget the giant excavator he has asked for but will not get until Sunday.