Tuesday, September 05, 2006


We got a call last night from Shelby's grandmother. The boy next door had been in an accident. He, along with 2 friends had taken a dune buggy out 4-wheeling. Apparently the engine died and they decided to try and coast back down. They hadn't realized that the power brakes or power steering wouldn't work without the engine running. Too much speed for one of the turns in the road and they went down a 100 foot embankment. The two boys will heal. One with a broken neck (thankfully not paralyzed) and one with many, many broken bones (6 hours of surgery, a rod in his leg, a plate in his hand). But the girl received massive head injuries. She never regained consciousness. They removed her from life support last night. Kids with so much life in front of them, 2 seniors in high school and one recently graduated.

Things like this scare me to the core. That could have easily have been Shelby or might happen to Jed in the future. Back when Shelby was in 9th grade, one of her classmates was skateboarding, went too far out into the road and was struck by a car. He did not survive. Jed was just a few months old. I asked Shelby if she wanted me to go to the service with her. I hate to admit it but I was thankful she didn't need (or want) me to go. I didn't realize how hard it would have been for me to go until I dropped her off at the service. I sat in the parking lot looking at my little boy and cried and hurt for that boy's parents.

As I now hurt for the girl's parents.