Thursday, April 06, 2006

Got Milk?

My husband called me while I was on my way home last night.

"Can you stop for a gallon of milk on your way home?"

"There should be milk in the fridge, I bought a gallon yesterday."

"Well there's not much left so you might want to stop."

Hmm...I know we go through milk quickly however there is no way they drank a gallon in less than 24 hours. When I stopped to get gas, I rummaged around the backseat and lo and behold a full gallon of milk was nestled between Jed's backpack of toys and a box of random Avon stuff. The day before I had asked Shelby to grab the milk and I guess she didn't hear me. And I started fixing dinner and never thought about it again. I am thankful that this didn't happen in the middle of our 90+ degree summer.

I probably shouldn't have done this, but I put the old gallon in the garbage can at the gas station. Whoever empties that can will probably wonder why it weighs 2 tons.

I guess this weekend's to-do list will include "Clean out the car."