Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Is Mother Nature Ready for Tomorrow's Field Trip?

And more importantly, am I ready for tomorrow's field trip?

Jed's Montesorri is going to the nature park tomorrow for a hike. All pre-school kids must be accompanied by a parent. My sister will not be able to take her 5 year old so she is going to come with us. Thankfully Shelby is out of school that day, and me, being the evil step-mother that I am, is making her tag along to help out (at least I am treating her to breakfast at our favorite diner beforehand).

We are to meet at the park at 8:45. Then a-hiking we will go... Hmmm, I wonder how far will a 2 1/2 year old be willing to walk? I actually have more worries about the 5 year old, especially since Jed LOVES to be outside. (Note to self...don't forget to clear the camera and recharge it before tomorrow.)

Assuming we don't get lost and that I haven't had to check myself into the looney bin, I will post a report in the next day or so.