Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Uncle Sam Wants....

Shelby but he isn't getting her.

We went to the high school last week to pick up Shelby's schedule and to get her school pictures done. The moment I looked at her schedule I knew there was problem. She has gotten Advanced Chorus, English and Chemistry, but her preferred elective, Textiles and Clothing was on the piece of paper. Okay this wouldn't have been much of a problem had they put in her in ANY of her other choices. But they didn't. They put her in Navy ROTC.

This just will not work. For her...I have a deep respect for the military. My dad is a retired colonel. I grew up on Army posts, have been around it all my life. So much so that I understand the military is good for some people while others it isn't.

I promised Shelby that we would get it taken care of. While she was getting her picture taken I talked to someone that was connected with the Guidance Office (not a counselor since they all were in a meeting). They informed me that Sophomores would be able to do schedule changes on Tuesday. They also said since it was an elective that SHE DID NOT CHOOSE she shouldn't have to stay there.

I told Shelby to just make do for 3 days until she could get it changed. She was okay with that UNTIL she went to the first day of class. The instructor told her she might as well stick with it since it was highly unlikely she would be able to get it changed which of course led to tears. That afternoon I called the Guidance Office who assured me she would be able to change it on Tuesday and that the teachers were told to encourage the kids to stay where they were. So once again I told her to stick it out until Tuesday.

So today is Tuesday. She called me around 11 am and told me they will not change her schedule. Something about her already having her core requirements. Once again I reassured her I would get it taken care of. I have already called the Guidance Office and left a message for her counselor to call me for an appointment. If I don't get a call back this afternoon setting up a time to meet, then I'm planning on stopping by there in the morning after I drop Jed off at school.

I am sorry but I am not going to let them mess up this semester for her. She is really looking forward to school (except this class) and is very positive about focusing on her academics. I know deep in my heart that is she were forced to stay in this class, forced to wear a uniform to school every Wednesday, forced to participate in PT then it will effect her morale and her grades in the other classes will suffer. I do not care where they put her, study hall, auto body, art, home ec, another math or history class....anywhere but ROTC.

There are times you have to tell your kids to suck it up and just ride out whatever it is....but not this time. This is too critical of a time in her high school career to mess around. I am very afraid if she loses her interest in school, her dedication to do well academically then it will be hard to get her back on track. I will fight this one as best as I can because she really deserves to be in a learning environment where she does not dread going to school every day. If I don't get far with the counselor tomorrow then I will ask to talk to the principal...I do whatever I have to in order to get this fixed....After all I promised her I would and that promise is the only thing that is keeping her in school right now.

(And if I am unable to get if fixed I will then sic her grandmother on them and I don't wish that on anyone. As a last resort I will be sending her dad....)