Friday, January 21, 2005

Rub a Dub Dub...

...Jed wants to get in the tub...AGAIN!

We are having to hide the bath towels. Every time (and I mean EVERY TIME) Jed sees a towel he says "Baa? Bah? Bah? " He has become obsessed with bathing. Its not like he stays in there long. And most of the time he even tells me when he is done by handing me toys to put up (which I think is mainly so he can watch the water go down the drain).

If he doesn't get his bath right then, he throws a fit or repeats "bah?" until either I go crazy and give in or something FINALLY distracts him. Back before he was talking (and demanding), we used to do a bath every other night but it has now come to where he has to have one every single night.

Last night I asked Shelby to get him in the bathtub and I'd take over after I finished folding laundry. She ran upstairs to get something first and Jed started to follow. He was already up 2 steps when I told him that he need to get a towel first. And damn if he didn't come down the stairs, open my bedroom door all by himself* and get a towel from under the sink all in the dark.

Yes I realize I should enjoy my clean happy kid now because I just know in about 5 years or so we will have to hogtie him just to get near soap and water.

*I think I may beginning to regret putting in those lovely lever doorknobs all over the house INCLUDING THE FRONT DOOR!