Monday, January 31, 2005

Climbing New Heights...

Last night I was fixing dinner. Jed started telling me he was hungry. I asked him to wait for a minute and a half (the length of time that was still on the microwave). So I bustle around the kitchen getting his plate together, getting our dinner together. I turn around to put something on his plate and I noticed movement over the top of the kitchen counter. Jed was trying to turn around in his highchair!!!! He had climbed up there by himself and was just situating himself in the correct position!!! OMG! I have never moved so quickly in my life! I guess he was REALLY hungry and couldn't wait that long.

I am beginning to wonder if my heart will survive this new phase of not only exploring outward but upward as well.

I have checked all the baby books with no how long do you have to be a mother before the eyes grow in the back of your head?