Monday, December 27, 2004

Let's Eat Some Popcorn...

...while we print stuff off the computer.

Today's errands included buying a new microwave and a new printer. I had been hoping to buy another Sharp model just like the one we had thinking it would be easy to remove the old unit and put the new one in the bracket. Of course Lowe's no longer carries that model. As a matter of fact, they don't carry ANY Sharp over the stove style microwaves. So I ended up selecting a GE model. My husband spent the entire evening installing it...bless his heart. So tomorrow for breakfast we are going to have frozen pancakes and hot tea (or hot chocolate). For lunch it will be hotdogs (maybe chili dogs) with Easy Mac and for dinner, hmmm....frozen dinners I think. Everything fixed in the microwave.

Then it was off to OfficeMax to get my printer. Once again, with my luck they were out of stock so I had to go to the other side of town to another OfficeMax to pick it up. But the good news is that although I spent $50 dollars more on the microwave to get the extra bells and whistles (like the automatic nightlight and the beeper volume control) I saved $20 on the printer.

Yeah I know that is still $30 against my favor but hey I can mute the microwave beeper or set it on ultraquiet and I will never forget to turn the "over the stove nightlight" on EVER. Plus the better model also has a potato button for when I want to quietly fix a potato at night!