Sunday, December 26, 2004

Before Microwaves... did anyone eat?

This afternoon I was heating up a hotdog for my niece. I usually heat a single dog for 25 seconds. After the allotted 25 seconds the hotdog was still cold. In for another 20 seconds. When I check it, I noticed that not only was the hotdog STILL cold, there was a lovely electric burning smell. I think the microwave died...I had to cook the hotdog the old-fashioned way, in a pot of water.

Now everyone in the family is at a loss. Less than five minutes ago I heard my husband rummaging in the kitchen and it sounded a whole lot like the plastic wrap that comes around the microwave popcorn.

ME: "Honey, are you fixing popcorn?"
HIM: silence... "Hmmm....Well, I guess not."

A couple minutes after that, I hear him rummaging in the fridge...He takes some leftovers out of the fridge and goes over to the microwave to heat them up...Oops!

At dinner today, as I was getting Jed's plate out of the fridge which contained his leftover lunch I was reminding myself to take the cheese cubes off the plate before putting it in the microwave...Oops again!

I don't know if it is fixable or not but I'm not willing to wait to find out. The overhead stove light (the microwave is one of those over the stove models) hasn't worked for 2 years and just in the past 5 months part of the little lights on the digital clock have gone out making it hard to tell the time quickly. I guess I will be running to Lowe's tomorrow. I have to go out tomorrow anyway to replace my printer which has also died. They say these things go in threes...I hope the third item is far less expensive than the printer and microwave...