Wednesday, December 29, 2004


No more! Please?

I really like liked my mother-in-law. Really, I did. That is until she gave Jed the E-L-M-O Dancing Elmo for Christmas. (Check out the Demo button to see Elmo in action)

Little Elmo is wearing a t-shirt that has E.L.M.O on the front. You squeeze his left hand and he does a cheer. "Give Elmo an E. Give Elmo an L. Give Elmo an M. Give Elmo O. What does that spell? ELMO!" You squeeze his right hand and he starts dancing and singing.

"Hey kids. This is Elmo's new song. Eeeee....Ellllll.......Emmmm.....Ohhhhh. " (The song is much longer than this but for some weird reason I am unable to remember all of them at this late hour...I must have blocked them from my mind. Anyway this is all sung to the tune of Y.M.C.A. and Elmo spells out the letters with his arms. You knock Elmo over mid-song (Jed's favorite pastime) and he says "Oopsie! Elmo needs a little help." When you pick him up, he is quite polite and says Thank You.

Now this is cute the first time you hear it. The 5th or 6th is bearable but by four days after Christmas it is driving me crazy. But Jed loves it. And it doesn't usually make it all the way through the song since Jed usually knocks or kicks him over a few seconds into the song. I suppose I can live with it....well until the batteries die.

My sister's house is filled with toys with dead batteries. She is constantly telling all three kids that yes, they will get more batteries the next time she at the store. It such a shame she keeps forgetting them.

Anyway, I can't get rid of Elmo just I said Jed loves it. Tonight we were in a store that had Elmo backpacks and Jed walked over to one and started squeezing its hands trying to get him to sing and dance for him. Well now he has seen what an Elmo with "dead batteries" is like.

I just hope no one buys him the Potty Elmo. I kid you not. You push a button and Elmo asks for a drink. After giving Elmo his sippy cup, he says he has to go to the potty. If you get Elmo sitting on his little toy potty on time, Elmo will sing a reward song. However if you are slow going and don't make it to the potty in time then Elmo sings an encouraging song. That one may go live with whoever buys it and Jed can go visit it at their house. I think I can only handle one Elmo at a time.