Friday, December 03, 2004

I'm Getting Tivo... I'm Getting TiVo....

I called DirecTv yesterday to see about upgrading our satellite system to get local channels. I'm tired of missing shows like Survivor on CBS and want to finally see Desperate Housewives on ABC. They will upgrade out equipment for free (the dish and both receivers).

I also asked about adding TiVo. I'm so tired of having to watch stupid shows like Married with Children, Westerns, Jaws, Alien and the other stupid crap my husband watches. (I really love my husband but hate his taste in TV.) They are running a special this month that we can get the TiVo receiver for $50 and we have the option of using that in place of one of our current receivers or we can use it as an additional one. So I'm breaking down and am going to put a TV in our bedroom. I have held off for a while since I have a feeling that Jay will spend most evening in there. But now I don't think it will bother me much since I am planning on being the main user of TiVo which will be in the living room. I will be losing my California stations (no more impromptu car chases on TV) but I will be able to watch all the UT football games next season, will finally get ABC and CBS back and will still be able to watch American Idol and my other pathetic obsessions along side my east coast friends and re-watch it with my west coast friends (easier to snark along).

The extra cost of the TiVo service and local channels will be about $15 however I think I am going to drop HBO temporarily since no one really watches it now. The family is much more open to dropping HBO over FoxSports which has my Braves baseball games and his fishing, hunting and other crappy shows.

I'll probably call over the weekend to set up a time for them to change out our equipment. Gotta get it up and running before January!!!