Thursday, December 09, 2004


...and yet more errands.

I'm heading out to do the following errands this afternoon.

  • Pick Shelby up from school
  • Pick up Christmas pictures of kids
  • Deliver two Avon orders
  • Pick up ? Avon orders from the orthodonist office
  • Pick up Jed
  • Go to Wal-mart for...
    • large garbage bags
    • a new face wash for Shelby
    • drinks for hubby
    • bottled water
    • new oil filter for my car
  • While at Wal-Mart pick up the Sears receipt that I dropped last weekend
  • Go to Sears to pick up hubby's new weight bench
  • Figure out what's for dinner and either pick up the fixin's or pick up dinner itself
  • Go home and drop in a weary heap on the floor