Sunday, December 26, 2004

To Return or Not to Return...

...that is the question.

Every Christmas I receive one or two items that either doesn't fit, is a duplicate of something I already own or it just isn't me. It's a fifty-fifty chance whether or not I return or exchange any items...well make that more along the line of 80% chance of me not return or exchanging an item. I think last year was the first time I did. My father-in-law gave a pair of pajamas exactly like the pair my mother-in-law had given me the year before. They were still unworn so I exchanged the newest pair for a cute little purse that I used until it just about fell apart.

I always feel bad exchanging or returning items that someone painstakingly picked out for me. I have in my closest at least 3 sweaters that my husband and step-daughter gave me that were just a tad too small. I feel bad that I don't wear them and I would feel bad about exchanging them. This year they gave me a pair of pants that are a size too big. I am honestly thinking of exchanging them for something else. I like the pants and I would just try to get a size smaller however they are fleece and with a house full of 4 cats and 2 dogs, I would be afraid to wear them around because I would be covered in cat/dog hair in about 20 seconds flat. I am definitely exchanging the Victoria Secret undergarments. I love them and they did get the correct size however I don't like the cut. This cut tends to go up too high in the back and tends to visible above my waistband of my jeans. Undergarments, in my mind, should remain UNDERgarments.

So I wonder...

  • Do you return on exchange gifts that don't fit?
  • What about gifts you just don't like?
  • If you do return/exchange are you one of the ones out there the day after Christmas?

All I know is that any exchanging or returning that I am going to do will definitely have to wait a few days. I am not going anywhere near the mall or any major retail establishments for at least 2 or 3 days.