Sunday, November 28, 2004


It's amazing. I figured that I would have tons of time to blog while off work this past week. But chasing babies, taxiing teens and caring for limping husbands takes more time than I expected. Not only haven't I had to time write, I now have an entire week of other blogs to catch up with.

Surgery was last Friday. I stayed with Jay up until they took them back for surgery. I felt pretty good about the procedure however after they gave him the "sleepy" shot which was right before they took him back, I started to tear up, not that I am the least bit surprised. I cry at all weddings, births, funerals, sappy movies and even sappy commercials. If the emotion is strong (either happy or sad) the tears begin to well. I'm just thankful that Jay was pretty much out of it by then and I don't think he remembers.

Anyway the surgery took about 2 hours. The doctor came out with a couple of sheets of paper which had about a dozen arthoscopic photos on them of the procedure. Initially I didn't really want to see them but after looking at them, they aren't that bad and actually are kind of interesting. The surgery went extremely well. Basically they drilled two holes in his bones (one in the bone above the knee and one below) and then pull the ligament through. Usually two dissolvable screws are put in to hold the tendon in place however they had to put an additional permanent screw in the lower bone. His lower leg bone was rather soft due to the fact that he hasn't been putting his full weight on that leg in quite awhile. We were heading home within an hour after surgery.

The first night was a little rough. We had to start the pain pills earlier than they suggested. For the first 3 nights he slept on the couch and Jed and I slept in our bed. However by Tuesday he was using just one crutch and by Thursday he had gotten rid of the crutches.

However today it has been bothering him a bit...try as I might to dissuade him, he is hardheaded and was out in the woods this morning. He did wear a good sturdy brace and stayed on even terrain but may have walked just a little too much. I tried to talk him in to iceing it this afternoon but Nooooo. (He did finally give in to the ice tonight).

He goes back to physical therapy tomorrow and has a post-op checkup on Wednesday. Hopefully everything will check out okay.