Monday, November 29, 2004


I hope everyone had a wonderful and less eventful Thanksgiving than we did.

I was in charge of desserts, one pumpkin pie and one something else for my sister's house and something for my mother-in-law's. Of course I started baking late. Had the pumpkin pie finished around 5:00 and started on the first of two Caramel-Pecan Chocolate Desserts (pictured on the cover of the Holiday Baking cookbook on the left). Let me just tell you this is just to DIE FOR!!!! Anyway the first brownie base was cooling and I was waiting to put Jed to bed before starting on the second one when the electricity went out and stayed out until 12:30 am!!! I ended up laying down in our bed with Jed and fell asleep while my husband slept on the couch and Shelby on the chair and a half. When the electricity came back on I went around the house turning everything off (except I forgot the preheating oven) and sent everyone to bed. Only because Jed woke up early Thanksgiving morning did the second Caramel-Pecan Chocolate dessert get made.

We were supposed to me at my sister's at noon but of course were running late. I dropped Shelby off to see her grandmother for a few minutes while I ran to Walgreen's to get some diapers. I had just put the last one on Jed before we left. On the way there I called my sister to tell her we were running late. She told me that dinner would be a little later too since someone had run a stop sign and ran my mom off the road. Thankfully she was driving the Lexus and not the Miata otherwise she would have been hurt.

She was quite upset about her car though. She LOVES that car. It is 2 years old with under 9000 miles on it. It was in PRISTINE condition. She doubts that it is totaled but knows she will never be happy with it again. While talking to dad about it, he told her that even if it wasn't totaled to look into getting herself a new one. The insurance guy called her today and said that it looked like there was at least $5000 worth of damage but hadn't been able to get the hood up so wasn't sure what it looked like under the hood. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is a mess under there.

We finally ate around 1:00 and then my nephew opened belated birthday presents and had birthday cake. Oh I had forgotten that I also had to quickly decorate his cake. Not the best one that I have done but he loved it. He wanted Larry-Boy from VeggieTales who is a cucumber superhero. I had my sister buy a small cucumber and I placed it on the cake and then iced it to look like Larry-Boy. I'll try to get a picture from my sister. Ethan LOVED it!!!

After that we headed to my mother-in-law's house for round 2 which started at 3:00. I only got a few bites of my favorites. Her turkey was fantastic this year...not too dry. One benefit of the electricity going out she didn't overcook the turkey this year. And I love her dressing. We visited for a little while and the ventured back home where I put on my comfy pjs and spent the rest of the evening (not wanting to eat) with my husband and Shelby and Jed.

In spite of the power outage and mom's wreck, it was a very nice day.