Monday, November 08, 2004

Dryer on the Fritz

Last week our dryer died. Wednesday night I put a load of my husband's work clothes in the dryer and turned it on before going to bed. He woke up to a pile of damp clothes. There was no more spin left. I had a feeling something was about to break soon since there was a suspicious thump....thump.....thump....when the dryer was on.

Now our dryer is almost as old as the hills. We bought it from my uncle when his mother passed away about 9 years ago. The only problem we have had was a few months ago when there was a horrible vibration coming from it. When my husband took it apart, he found the work id card he had been missing for a week. Once it was removed, the dryer was good as new. This its a broken belt.

On Saturday, I bought a "universal" dryer belt that had "Specific" written on the label. The man at Lowe's told me it was universal and should fit any dryer. Closer look at the package listed just about every brand of dryer except Maytag. Needless to say, it didn't fit.

So on Sunday I went to Ace dryer belts. Then it was a hop across town to Home Depot...they don't carry dryer belts. Then to Lowe's (again) but they only carried the Specific Universal belt. That was followed by a trip to Sears, no dryer belts either. I was so disheartened about not being able to find a replacement belt, I skipped the trip to the grocery store and stopped to get ice cream on the way home.

The clothes that were damp are now hanging on the front porch (it compliments the vehicles that are not currently in use). I had to drag a single load of clothes to my mom's. On top of watching Jed on Monday and Tuesday, I had to ask her if she would mind running a small load...Jed really needed clean pajamas and Shelby and I need at least one pair of clean jeans.

On the way to my mom's to pick up my son and my clean laundry, I stopped by the Maytag store. After a 10 minute search, they found a replacement belt. Hopefully my husband will put it on the dryer tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe he'll do all the laundry that has piled up. Well a girl can dream....