Friday, November 05, 2004

Almost Done...

I have managed to get reasonably caught up at work and will be leaving soon. However my list of things to do after work is almost as long as what I have already accomplished:

-Go to bank and cash hubby's check (yay $$$)

-Buy cat litter (so the stupid cat doesn't pee on the bathmat again)

-Buy a new belt for our ancient dryer (or look at new dryers if I can't find a belt)

-Buy new lightbulbs for over the kitchen sink (2 of the 3 aren't working)

-Pick up dinner on the way home (because there is no way I'm cooking tonight)

-Pick up another gallon of milk (we go through almost a gallon a day)

-Perhaps pick up a lottery ticket (and hopefully win enough to pay for my husband's new knee and the rest of the bills)

-Try to remember what other things I should have done on the way home

I'm am hoping for a nice weekend with few demands. I know that probably won't be the case but at least for now I can hope and daydream...