Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This,That and the Other...

After waiting 2 weeks for another reply from Starbucks on my supposedly illegal ordering method, I finally broke down and called the 800 number. HA! The customer service representative completely and totally agreed with me. I have the right to add any syrup on the menu to any drink that I want without paying for the "Special" drink. He is supposedly sending a memo out to the location where the girl basically argued with me. Plus he offered me a couple of free drink coupons.

I have the hiccups right now. Blech.

Monday began the first day of No Smoking in any enclosed workplaces such as restaurants and bars (the only exception are those places 21 and up only). The local radio station had their General Manager announce early Monday that they were instituting a ban on smoking in cars while listening to their station. They also mentioned that they had equipment that could detect smoke in cars and in the future they would be able to disable their radio while the driver was smoking but until then everyone was on the honor system. To further their point, they started calling people on their cell phones telling them they knew they were smoking and asked them to refrain from smoking in the car since it was polluting the djs' work place. One guy called in and said that his co-worker was so mad upon hearing this that he went out his car and chain smoked 3 cigarettes, blowing the smoke directly into the radio. What amazed me were the the number of people who believed it and then got seriously angry.

My hiccups are now gone thanks to my (should be patented) hiccup removal routine. Seriously, I have found a way to get rid of hiccups 99% of the time. I unofficially collected during my college drinking days. I would see someone with the hiccups and would talk them through getting rid of them and it worked almost every time.

Found out over the weekend that our lawnmower is also equipped with Squid Power.

My Tivo is getting full very quickly. Too many good new shows and great returning shows. I'm trying to stay caught up however the last few evenings I've gone to sleep around 9:00, not to get up again until morning. Often I'll sleep a couple of hours and then when my husband comes to bed, I'll get up for a few hours and watch a couple of shows. I cherish those few hours. A couple of times Shelby will come down and ask to sit with me but I always run her off. After spending the day taking care of people I need my Me Time. No one there talking, asking questions, or anything. She doesn't quite understand but then again she can retreat to her room anytime she wants. For moms, it's just a bit harder to escape everyone (and being at work doesn't count). So hopefully tonight I can catch up with a few things still on my Tivo (Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Heroes and last nights Dancing with the Stars.)

I really need my Me Time and possibly a second Tivo box...