Friday, September 14, 2007

Dear Starbucks...

(email sent to Starbucks today pertaining to this morning's visit)

I often stop by the Starbucks on Merchant Drive in Knoxville Tennessee. This morning I ordered my usual, Venti Caffe Latte with Cinnamon Dolce syrup added. I was told that I had to be charged for the promotional drink. I have been ordering it this way for the past 2 months with no problem and was very disappointed when I was told that I couldn't get it that way. The promotional drink comes with whip and sprinkles which I don't want, where as the Latte is simply the drink with flavoring. Why would I want to pay more for something I don't even want? I see no reason why cinnamon dolce syrup cannot be added to ANY drink on the menu. After all, it is listed on the Syrup Menu. I would not expect to be able to add any of the seasonal syrups (i.e. pumpkin spice) this way since they are not listed individually on the syrup menu. However, the cinnamon dolce was added to the permanent menu few months ago.

I have a friend who is a barista for Starbucks in another state and she mentioned to me just the other day how the company stresses customer service. I have always received excellent customer service from all of the other baristas at this location however this one person was a great disappointment. Instead of trying to remedy the situation, she argued with me about how impossible it was to ring it up the way I requested. I had exact change this morning and therefore not enough to purchase it as specialty. Her only suggestion was that I order a smaller drink. I left the store empty handed. On principle, I refuse to give a store my money if the service and product is of lower quality than what I usually receive.

As mentioned before, I have had repeatedly fantastic service from this location however today's experience has put a damper on all of that. I'm unsure if I will return.

(no response as of yet...)