Friday, September 21, 2007

A Stream of Conscience Ramble....

Bullets disguised as paragraphs.

I finally got a response from Starbucks but it mainly said that my concerns had been passed on to the right people. I still didn't get my question answered although I did have one more barista mention that I was ordering my drink wrong however she did it my way.

I'm in the market for a new car. I have almost 200,000 miles on my gas guzzling XTerra. I can't believe that I'm actually considering something compact. I love the roominess of my current vehicle but with around 100 miles a day being driven I really need to find something more gas conscious.

Why am I suddenly concerned with how much I'm spending on gas? It is really starting to set in that the next 1 and maybe 2 years I will have two kids in school. Jed will be in Montessori for 1-2 more years and Shelby starts college next year. Even with the price break I will be getting if we get her in UT, it will still cost an arm and a leg since we promised her she could live on campus.

I've actually considered going back on the campus living thing until I realized that we will drive each other absolutely nuts (which in turn will annoy the hell out of my husband) if she continues to live in this house will going to college. The less I know will probably be better.

This weekend I'm needing to devote my time to finishing up Jed's carpet. I have a stupid cat that has chosen the alcove as a pee spot. I've gotten rid of half of it but there is still more carpet cleaning and enzyme soaking that is needing to be done.

I also need to attack my weed infested garden. We have not touched the garden in weeks and there are more weeds in there than plants. Although we finally got some rain last week so the okra is sending out new growth and the pepper plants are still going strong. The green beans even have quite a few new beans. I just need to work around the shoulder high weeds (and if you think I'm kidding, remind me to post a picture of it later.) Oh and the potatoes need to be dug up.

This weekend should be one more attempt at summer with temperatures nearing 90. Yay, just perfect for working in the garden (NOT!).

I also need to figure out a way to photograph my stitch markers and other felted goodies (I foresee a felted embroidered or perhaps beaded ring in the future.) I'm trying to get enough sets of markers finished before I open shop.

At least one good thing out of this entire week is that the new Fall season of shows are starting up. By the way have I ever mentioned how much I love my Tivo???

Oh yeah and another good thing is that I'm very close to connecting up again with a handful of people I knew in high school. I guess with Shelby being in her senior year has gotten me thinking about the people I ran around with my last two years of high school.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend that does not involve cat pee, 90 degree heat or a great potato scavenger hunt.