Friday, August 03, 2007

Who Are These Kids?

I am questioning if these kids are mine. Their tastes in things are really making me shake my head and wonder if someone has abducted them in the middle of the night, brainwashed them and then returned them to their bed before morning.

While shopping for new shoes at Kohl's the other day, Jed picked up a Skechers box and proclaimed the following shoes as something he "really, really, oh please, really wanted". The picture does not do them justice as it does not show the high shine of all the silver detail. (I don't remember all this black trim so it may have been another pair. Perhaps I was just more focused on the silver or there is another all silver pair out there). Had I let him get these, my husband would have left me and disowned Jed.

And just last week, Shelby proclaims that she thinks he is HOT.

Okay so maybe that isn't exactly fair. She was referring to Mick Jagger when he was younger and commenting how hot and sexy is...was....but anyway, ewwww.

Of course this is the same girl who finds the Weasley twins hot in the latest movie.