Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The little female hummingbird that used to control the front feeder has been run off. Over the weekend, a new little bird took over the front feeder. I believe he is an adolescent, a very brave, bold adolescent. He has taken roost, literally, on the feeder. He rarely leaves his roost except to run off anyone that tries to sneak a sip of nectar.

Here is a picture of him where you can see most of his front. He is so fluffy compared to all the other hummers I see which leads me to think he is adolescent. Plus the boldness that he displays (and his clumsy flying) would reflect that of a teenager.

Click image for larger view.

Here is a view more of his back where you can see the lovely iridescent plumage. Last night I tried to help him out by moving a citrus tree under the feeder to give him a more comfortable roost. He either hasn't noticed it, or feels that it is too far away from his treasure.

Click image for larger view.

One thing though that has come out of his vigilance is that the nectar is lasting much longer than it used to.