Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Vundoful Weekend...

Now Vundo-less.

Last week I was bogged down with a trojan on my computer. Well not one, but many. One somehow snuck in and then invited all its friends to come and play.

McAfee was unable to get rid of it although it did block some of the newcomers. Adaware got rid of some of it but not all of it. FixVundo and VundoFix did their thing but still I was getting non-stop pop-ups.

I wandered around the net some, looking for some advice when I stumbled across SuperAntiSpyware Free Home Edition.

After running all the previous scanners and fixers numerous times, I ran SuperAntiSpyware. At the end of the quick scan it found 85 bits and pieces to get rid of or fix. I am now trojan and pop-up free. I am now using this daily to check for spyware. It seems to be catching everything that Adaware did.

Not a very exciting post however I figured this may help someone in the future. (No affiliation but definitely a happier person.)