Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good News, Bad News...

Good News: Cinnamon Dolce is now on the permanent menu (at least until they discontinue it) at Starbucks. Both the regular and the sugar-free syrup. Look for it on the syrup list at the bottom (sidenote: the pronunciation of sear-up (instead of sir-up) annoys me for some reason, like fingernails on the board and oh lord my use of parentheses are getting out of hand with parenthetical thoughts inside parenthetical thoughts).

Bad News: There is a lift outside my office window that beeps everytime it goes up or down. They are going up and down A LOT today caulking the 37 windows they have installed (thankfully there are another 10 that are not installed yet...and yes I counted them). Did I ever mention that repetitive noises drive me absolutely batty?

Good News: My yarn and beads are picked out for the Melanie's Mystery Stole.

Bad News: The ballwinder still hasn't arrived. I am not really looking forward to winding 1400 yards of yarn. (It took me over an hour to wind about 250 yarn for my Branching Out scarf.)

Good News: The first clue of the stole will be released tomorrow.

Bad News: I have a gazillion things to do tomorrow before we leave on Saturday (plus see Ballwinder)

Good News: Vacation just 2 sleeps away

Bad News: Vacation just 2 sleeps away with 5 sleeps worth of stuff still left to do!

Good News: Ah, vacation...........