Friday, June 22, 2007

The End of this Week...

...and the beginning of something new and stuffed in between the two a bunch of rambly bullets.

  • I am so glad it is Friday. This week hasn't been that bad but for some reason it has felt like is has just crawled. It must have been the little things such as this morning and my Sonicare toothbrush. While brushing my teeth this morning my toothbrush kept turning off every 5-7 seconds. So I spent a couple of minutes repeatedly turning it back on to clean 2 teeth at a time instead of using the stupid brush to do it the old fashioned way. (Is that lazy or what?)
  • We harvested our first squash this week. I fixed some Wednesday night. It was pretty tasty however I should have put a bit of cheese on the steamed squash. Steamed with cheese is one of my favorite ways of fixing squash along with grilling, frying and steaming with a tiny bit of green pepper, onion and zucchini.
  • I was racked with Mother's Guilt all day Tuesday when Jed was sent home from school with a temperature over 101. My mom picked him up but because I had to teach that evening, I spent most of the day wishing I could be home with him.
  • 8 more sleeps (Jed's reference for counting days) before we head to beach. Still haven't finalized cat/dog care.
  • I've spent the last two days looking outside the house. There has been a bear spotted in our area (less than a mile away eating blackberries). We have a lot of wild blackberries and I am hoping he will come and visit during the day when I'm home.
  • Our garage is filled with frogs (maybe they are toads) which come out every evening. In the past two days I've seen a large yellow one (which Jed picked up and then promptly scared away), a little red one that tried to hide behind a 6 pack of beer when Jed approached, a teeny tiny green one and a medium addled one that fled under the shelves when I went outside last night. Every evening now we either have to search for frogs or catch lightning bugs before bed.
  • Speaking of lightning bugs, I need to get Jed a new bug box. Last week we caught a couple dozen lightning bugs and brought them inside at bedtime. The next morning the box was empty, thanks to a small hole in the wire frame. Since then, I see a flash of light dart across the living room or bedroom every now and then in the evening.
  • I am eagerly awaiting 2 packages in the mail. I've signed up for a Mystery Stole knit along. This is Melanie's third mystery stole. After seeing her other patterns I jumped at the chance to do one. You can see her patterns here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hanami. I have even coerced my mom into joining. I have a skein of black Lane Borgosesia coming from Loopy Ewe (my mom chose pearl) and some wonderful beads from BeadWrangler. And my mom, being the wonderful mom that she is, agreed to purchase a ballwinder so that I could borrow it. (I was not looking forward to winding 1200 yards of yarn into a ball. My last ball of 400 yards took over an hour to wind by hand)
  • And no I haven't finished any of my other projects. But you know what? I finally decided I don't have to. I can finish things as I wish. And if I get the greatest joy out of starting new projects, so what. As long as I'm not going broke starting new stuff, then it will be okay. Hobbies are for enjoyment and I suppose my hobby is actually starting crafty/creative projects. It feels good to let go of the guilt of leaving other projects behind and to be able to fully enjoy the start of something new.
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.