Thursday, May 03, 2007

One of Those Weeks... wish you could avoid.

It started out with me coming down with a stomach virus which kept me home on Monday. My stomach is still a little funky. Next came a teenage broken heart...let me rephrase that a broken heart of a dramatically emotional teen girl. Throw in an unexpected wedding announcement (not one I'm particularly thrilled about) of another family member and top it all with a dollop of a 3 year old tantrum (complete with tears, yelling and screaming) in the middle of Walmart (which continued for 30 of the 40 minute drive home).

At least Lost last night was able to distract me from all of that for a while. And tonight I should have plenty to distract me (Ugly Betty, Survivor and Grey's Anatomy). And even better I'm taking the day off tomorrow for Jed's final parent teacher conference of the year (I missed the first two conferences due to being out of town).

If things don't start looking up soon, I may have to take up drinking. Can anyone recommend a good (inexpensive) red wine?