Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When Fairy Tales Become Real...

Last weekend Jed and I went to visit some friends in North Carolina (Hi Lori!). We were still on the backroads heading toward the interstate, about 30 minutes from home. As I turned a corner Jed started hollering.

"Look mama, it's Tow Mater!!! It really, really is Tow Mater."

"What honey?"

"Look over there, mama!!! Tow Mater! He is real mama! Tow Mater is real!"

I glanced over to the corner and lo and behold was a real live Tow Mater.

On our way home, as the light was changing from red to green, I stuck my camera out the window and got of picture of the real Mater. *

What do you think? Is it really Mater?

*The crazy things we do for our kids!