Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cocktail Anyone?

This morning, Shelby was drinking a Jones Soda with her pop-tarts for breakfast (healthy I know...but at least she is eating). She told Jed to come over there and get a sip. I told her not to give him any since it is a soft drink. Jed walks up to me in the kitchen and says "Mama, I can only drink Hard drinks, right?"

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend. We went out for breakfast and then came home to work in the garden most of the day. We still have potatoes, a few rows of corn, green peppers, lettuce and dill to put in but other than that, it is all planted. Not much to see now. (Actually as I uploaded the picture I realized that this was taken first thing in the morning prior to anything being planted. But all in all, it looks the same since everything is so small right now.)

Note: Brother and sister hanging out on the trampoline.

I received a new pair of gardening gloves from Jed (who promptly took off with them to do his own digging) and a new hair dryer from Shelby which is a really good thing since my old one keeps threatening to electrocute me (a loud grinding noise tends to be a bit scary as you are trying to dry your hair.)

Jed also made a Mother's Day card for me at school. He may be logical and smart but he isn't much into precision right now. The front is supposed to be a flower with his picture as the center.

The inside is even better:

"I'm going to Hawaii on a plane with her. I like to
play trucks and dinosaurs with her. I love my Mommy
that much!" (insert stick figure with open arms)

Side note: We are not going to Hawaii. The morning he made the card, Shelby has sent him into the bedroom to ask if we could go to Hawaii on a plane. I told him No, which he passed on to Shelby. But I guess it was still on his mind. But if we ever do go back to Hawaii, Jed already has the perfect outfit for the trip.