Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heart Shaped Boxes...

...of chocolate. Who could not love a holiday that is centered around chocolate. Oh wait, its supposed to be love you say? Love can be over-rated, chocolate never is.

I had wonderful intentions of taking my camera with me when I dropped Jed off at school so I could take a picture of his Valentine bag (which is taped to his locker). I was going to post the picture here to collect my Valentines. Never plan to do extra things on a school morning.

Speaking of Valentines, we received a class list of students who celebrate Valentine's Day. There is one child that does not. He even told me today that he doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day, that he doesn't celebrate anything. I've felt a little bad for him. How hard is it to be 4 and have all your classmates gathering cards in a bag taped to their locker and to be the only one with a bag on his locker? Oh, he made a bag but he took it home to put action figures in. What is the harm in participating in other people's holidays? What harm are a few paper cards and candy treats? I went to Catholic school for 2 years and am not Catholic. I sat through all the masses and even watched everyone practice for their 1st Communion. I was so excited the one practice day when someone was sick and I was allowed to walk through with all the others. Of course I don't know his family's beliefs or his religion but that doesn't keep me from feeling a little bad that he feels that he is being left out.

Wow, did I just digress. I was actually going to provide a bit of advice on addressing Valentines. Last year it took me over 20 minutes to sort the cards into all the individual bags. Time I didn't want to take this year. Plus they kept sending home amended lists. So to make it easy, I addressed each card To: My Friend, From: Jed. It took Jed and I less than 5 minutes to deliver all the cards. He placed cards in the bags taped towards the bottom of the lockers and I took the top row. And until Jed is old enough to do his own cards, this may be the way we go from now on.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. May you get a wonderful box of chocolate (even if you buy it yourself at half price tomorrow morning!)