Friday, February 16, 2007

Chocolate Over Roses...

Before I left for work on Valentine's Day, my husband handed me a heart shaped box full of chocolates. One of my favorite things is a box of chocolate. I can ration a box out for a month or two, eating 1 or 2 chocolates every couple of nights.

He called me later in the afternoon.

"Um honey? The chocolate I bought you, I'm not sure you're going to like. I just noticed the box said Strawberry Truffles."

"Well I'll give them a try."

"Are you sure? What if you don't like them?"

"If I don't, then you can give me $10 and I'll stop and pick up a box tomorrow when they will be 50% off."

So I tried them, and well, I've never been a fan of fruit flavors, especially strawberry flavored items. I might have been okay if they were cherry filled. (Boy do I love me some chocolate covered cherries.)

I'm now a happy recipient of a large discounted box of assorted chocolates. Perhaps next year, he should just hand over the 10 bucks and I'll go shopping the day after. The box is still in my car unopened. The thought of it makes me happy thinking of the possibilities inside. Choosing one piece at at time to savor and wondering if it will be a tasty one (caramel or coconut) or something less desirable (fruit flavored chewy stuff or nasty orange cream).

Forrest's mama was dead on....