Thursday, July 13, 2006

Green Thumb...

...and yellow squash.

I now consider myself a gardner. Not only are my fingers stained brown and green, but I was worried about how the garden would fare after a week being unattended. Seriously, I really wondered how it would do without our daily walks through and loving care.

This is my first real garden and it is big. A friend of ours plowed the plot for us and said he made it large but we didn't have to use it all if we didn't want to...we did. 24+ tomato plants, 20 green pepper plants, 4 banana peppers, 3 beds of lettuce (only one of which I like), 8 broccoli plants, many rows of corn, 1 watermelon (which Jed picked out), 1 honeydew (planted more but I think only 1 survived), 3-4 cucumbers, almost 2 rows of beans (half of which were eaten when young), 2 rows of carrots, onions, 2 zucchini, and a hell of a lot of squash (like I said, it is our first attempt at gardening and we wanted to make sure we had squash). I think we are at around 15 or so squash plants.

So do you want to see what happens when you plant too many squash plants and then abandon them for a week? It took me almost 2 hours to cut and gather all of the squash.

I had 3 zucchini that were HUGE. The crook neck squash were grotesquely lumpy, bumpy and large. I even had a siamese twin squash (which I need to get a picture of).

The squash are still sitting in the wagon. I think this weekend we may have a squash throwing party and see how far the kids can throw them into the field.

Squash anyone?