Saturday, July 22, 2006

Baby Steps of Motivations Leads To..... steps of success.

There were two days of missed water and 2 extra elevator trips. Next week's goal is to improve on that.

I should be able to make up for the two extra elevator rides between taking down 2 of the 3 beds in Jed's room (crib and toddler bed) and putting together his car bed that I got from a friend's yard sale for $5. I also picked up two NICE wood dressers for $15. I need to wipe those done and decide which is going in Jed's room and what color I want to paint it. (I'm thinking white frame with colored drawers or maybe black frame with colored drawers.) I also need to try and fit in cleaning the carpets upstairs and in the master bedroom. Four cats and two kids can really wreck havoc on a cream carpet. That may be put on until tomorrow or next weekend. Of course next weekend is the Grainger County Tomato Festival as well as a birthday party for one of Jed's classmates so I doubt I'll get much done next weekend what with the Tomato Wars and all...

(In the next couple of days, I'll tell the story about the one time Shelby and her friend entered the Tomato Wars .)