Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Where is the Pause Button?

...or at least the slow motion button???

This week is insane!!! Judge for yourself

  • Chorus practice at all hours of morning (7am) and night (after 9pm).
  • 6 hour training sessions for 4 days in a row
  • Chorus Christmas program tonight that will last FOREVER
  • Did I mention that this is also finals week at the high school?
  • An early due date for my next Avon order (and am still delivering over 2 dozen orders from the last campaign)
  • Grading finals for the graduate level class that I teach and submitting grades by end of the week
  • 15 faux gingerbread houses I need to make for Jed's Christmas party on Friday (made from graham crackers)
  • Bills to pay
  • Christmas gifts to buy
  • Family to feed
  • Birthday party on Saturday to attend
  • Gift to buy for previously mentioned birthday party
  • Weight to lose so I won't be embarrassed getting into a bathing suit for the previous mentioned birthday party which is a the Y
  • Bottle of red wine to drink when all of this is done.

Oh crap....Add bottle of wine to buy for consumption when this is week is over....see how this list is going to be neverending????