Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yay for Wednesday!!!!

Which means that Lost is on tonight. I don't watch much TV and very few shows are must-see for me. Right now the following shows are set as Season Passes on my TiVo: Lost, Grey's Anatomy, desperate Housewives, Survivor:Guatemala and Invasion (which may soon lose its season pass rights).

I missed the first airing last fall of Lost and only picked it up when they started showing reruns. Even then I hadn't turned the TV specifically on for Lost. I was watching something else and it came on right after it. From opening scene to the final credits, I was glued to the TV.

My husband and I never (and I mean NEVER) enjoy the same shows. I mean he watches countless episodes of Married with Children reruns, hunting and fishing shows, old westerns, other movies (such as Alien, Jaws, Predator). I tend to watch the previously mentioned shows, American Idol (when it is on) and some baseball or college football. We are definitely a happier household (and couple) with separate TV's.

But he happened to walk into the room within the first 10 minutes of pilot of Lost and I mentioned to him that he might like this show. Now he is hooked as bad as than I am. This is the first DVD set that I have ever purchased. I had to, since ABC did not reshow all the episodes this summer. And you can't miss and episode. Anyways, watching the season finale was well worth the price.

So every Wednesday is the highlight of our week. We get the kids in bed and then sit down together to watch the latest episode. It's almost like a weekly date. As I type this I just realized we have officially become an old married couple....But you know what??? I don't care because it's WEDNESDAY!

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