Monday, October 24, 2005

No Rest for the Weary...

...the weary mom that is.

Friday I took the day off. You would think with a 3 day weekend that I would feel rested. I don't.

Friday I spent running errands with both kids. Made a couple of Avon deliveries, dropped a ton of books and ran through Wal-mart to gather stuff for Halloween costumes (silky fabric for a stola since women do not wear togas and a pair of cowboy boots for my little cowboy).

Friday evening a huge storm came through. Around 5 pm the electricity flickered half a dozen times before finally going out for good. I don't see how people in the old days got through the evenings after the sun went down...oh wait, they had rather large families didn't they? Shelby and I took turns playing solitaire on the computer until both batteries died and then we all went to sleep. Power was finally restored around 11 am on Saturday. I'm really glad that I listened to that little voice that said to wait to get groceries.

Saturday was spent helping Shelby get ready for a Halloween party then driving. I think I pretty much was driving from 4 pm until about 11 pm. Took Shelby and her friend to the party which was about an hour from our house. Jed and I hadn't been home for more than 15 minutes when my husband called. He had a flat tire which was the 2nd one that day!!! So over the mountain we went to "Help Daddy". *Reminder to not tell the little one that we are going to get Daddy because his truck his broken and that we are going to drive him home. Little one thinks HE is going to get to drive Daddy home. *insert fit here* The only way I could get him back in the carseat was to tell him Swiper was coming....yeah, it's still working...

After getting Daddy home, I had about 15 minutes before heading back out to pick the girls up from the party.

Sunday was filled with another Avon delivery, the grocery store, laundry and dishes. Tonight I need to grade papers, finish the laundry, toss Jed in the bath and cook dinner. However after 10 tonight I am not going to do a thing for anyone other than me! I may do a puzzle, play a game, finish the meme I started last week or catch up on Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy (which I missed last night since I fell asleep!) I think I need a vacation!