Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!


Thankfully this week is beginning better than the last one ended. Jed caught the stomach bug that is going around. Wednesday night got sick all over my bed. Thursday was just fine and lulled me in a false sense of security and then threw up in the car Friday morning on the way to school (and he is too young to suspect that he was doing it on purpose to get out of school).

Three Halloween costumes were also pulled together over the weekend. Skipped half a day of work to attend the party at Jed's school and will be leaving early to get the kids ready for tonight (one for trick or treating and the other for her 3rd Halloween party).

I'll probably eat too much candy at my aunt's house this evening (she buys the good stuff and lots of it!!!) where we are going to trick or treat. Will report in tomorrow unless I either succumb to sugar shock or buried alive in all this missed work I need to catch up on!

May you have more treats that tricks tonight!!!