Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bebe's Shirt....

Sunday night I was getting Jed out of the tub when he spied a pile of clothes Shelby had left in the corner of their bathroom. He pointed to the pile of clothes and said "Bebe's shirt?" He insisted on wearing her shirt to sleep in that night. He was so proud to be wearing something of hers. It was a white shirt with some kind of cartoon camp scene or something (thankfully not girly at all) and came down to the middle of his calves. It was a little dirty from where she wore it the day before.

The next morning I started to get him dressed for school. I was able to get his denim shorts on but when I tried to change his shirt he said "No, Bebe's shirt!". I tried for 15 minutes to get him to change his shirt. I really didn't want to send him to school in a shirt so large that could be mistaken for a dress let alone one that was dirty. Then I looked at my son and remembered something I heard on talk radio a couple of days before.

The radio host was commenting that his daughter had gotten a great report card and as a reward he took her to Boyd's Bear Country where you can build your own Boyd's bear. As they were walking in she started jumping in puddles. He told her to stop jumping in the puddles. "Why?" she asked. That stopped him his tracks....what harm could a little puddle do? He told her to go ahead and jump and actually grabbed her hand and jumped in the puddles with her. His last comment was that she will probably remember the puddle jumping with her father way more than she will remember the bear that she made that day.

So I thought what the heck, what can it really hurt for him to wear a large dirty shirt to school? It wasn't worth the fight. It wasn't worth stressing myself out about and it certainly wasn't worth upsetting Jed. He wore that shirt to school. Yes the shirt was dingy and he looked like a little ragamuffin but every time someone asked him where he got that shirt he would proudly reply "Bebe's shirt!"

I was finally able to get that shirt off of him about 9:30 last night when I told him I had an Elmo shirt for him to sleep in....and yes, he wore that same Elmo shirt to school today.