Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Smooth As My Baby's....

...daddy's cheek.

For the last 5 years or so my husband has sported a goatee. It is very grey and most days a bit wild looking however, I don't mind it. It's is just part of who he is. As a matter of fact, the darling man asked me a week before our wedding if I wanted him to shave it off. I told him no. You are who I am marrying, facial hair and all. It is silly to shave it all off for one day. I did ask him though to get it trimmed up a bit.

Walked in yesterday evening and he was goatee-less. He looks SO different. He looks like he has gained about 10 pounds (the goatee really lengthened his face) but he also looks like he has lost about 10 years on his age (the goatee was really, really grey).

I don't mind it either way, however it will take a few days to get used to. His daughter on the other hand is freaking out. She says he now looks like a fugitive. You know how people drastically change their looks when they are on the lam?

In contrast, Jed never batted an eye. Did not act the least bit differently when he first say his dad. However I have a feeling when they get to wrestling around, Jed will miss the goatee. It offered such an opportunity to literally grab Daddy's attention.

I do predict it will be back. It may not reappear until after summer but it will be back.