Friday, February 04, 2005

No School Tomorrow...

...or Monday all because of the flu.

Apparently there was 20% of all county students absent today due to flu and flu-like symptoms. Thankfully none of us are feeling it (I'll but YET in here in the hopes of not jinxing it). Jed is the only one with a flu shot but only half a shot. Under 2 years or so, they give the flu shot as two half doses months apart. Hopefully that half will be enough to tide him over since our doctor is out of shots again.

Shelby had been hoping and praying they would close school and she was extremely excited when she first heard. Then she thought about it and got mad. She WANTS to go to school on Monday. You see, it is Spirit Week and Monday is Pajama Day. She was looking forward to be nice and comfy at school. You know, I may stay home on Monday and make it Pajama Day. We will all sleep in and wear our pajamas ALL DAY LONG! Heck I have to stay home with Jed tomorrow anyway so I declare Pajama Day to last the entire weekend! Hoo Boy!

She will at least get to participate in Multiplicity Day (dress like twins, triplets, whatever), Athlete Day (think we are going for Bull Rider or other Rodeo "athlete" so she can wear her new cowboy hat to school), Crazy Day and Class Color Day (freshman are green). The lesson in all of careful what you wish for because it just may come true. Wish they would cancel school and watch them cancel school during Spirit Week.

(Yes I am up way too late...hopefully Jed will allow me to sleep in some...)